Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small text file stored in alphanumeric format user's hard disk from the server of the website visited or by a server third (advertising services or analysis, etc.).
During his visits to the Site of ANT45 cookies record certain information that will be stored in the memory of his hard drive.
The different types of cookies we use are:
- "Necessary Cookies": essential for navigating the proper operation of the site (to serve asempio to return to a page during a session)
- "Cookies performance": used mainly for statistical services like Google Analytics.
- "Cookies functional navigation": remember the choices made (for example the login and enter the cart)
- "Cookies profiling or advertising: Used to present matching content to the user. They can be used to improve the effectiveness of advertising by services like Google Adsense.
- Third Party Cookies: Zendesk Chat (

How to notify the user and obtaining his consent

When you are visiting for the first time the Web site displays a banner in the top of the screen to inform you that our site uses cookies described in this Policy on this website.
The banner asks if you want more information and contains a link to open the corresponding page. If you decide to ignore the notification and we continue to use the Web site,
the site will store a cookie on your computer to record this choice and the subsequent navigation of the Web site will be deemed a consent to the use
of cookies used on the website in question.
The notification banner will not be displayed again on the screen for future visits to the Web site, but users have the option to remove cookies at any time via your browser settings.

Cookies management: blocking and deletion

You can visit the site, in English, for information on how to manage / delete cookies according to the type of browser used.
The actions to be taken are different for each browser. You can find instructions in the help menu of your browser.
If you use multiple computers in different locations, be sure that each browser is set to suit your preferences.
Through your browser you can view the cookies that are on your computer, delete some or eliminate them all.
Cookies are simply text files, so you can simply open it and read its contents.
The data contained in them is often encrypted, or has a numeric key corresponding to a web session,
so they often make no sense if not for the website that wrote it.
Each browser has different procedures for managing settings.

You will find all the information to disable cookies for each of the following browsers:

§ Chrome:

§ Internet Explorer:

§ Firefox:

§ Safari:

§ Opéra:

Disabling Flash cookies

Click the link below to change the settings for Flash cookies.

To disable the analytical cookies and to prevent Google Analytics to collect navigational data,
download the browser add-on for Google Analytics Opt: